Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Where has the time gone?

It's been a VERY long time since I have written about my journey with Christiana.  My baby is 5 (if you ask her, she'll tell you she's 5 1/2)!!! Where has the time gone?! So as I look at each birthday picture, I get teary eyed.  I prayed for her and He answered my prayer.  I told Christiana that I prayed for her and that brings a smile to her face (which makes me smile even more).

Being her mother has made me a better person.

Sunday, June 7, 2015

Fantastic Firsts: Christiana the dancer (8/4/13)

I started this post on August of LAST YEAR (2013!) and I never finished writting.  I've decided to finish this post on June of 2015!

So I am sooo excited that we finally signed Christiana up for dance!  I always knew that when I had a baby girl that I wanted her to be in dance.  Yaaaaay for me!

So here's where I pick up; over a year later.

When I look back at the pictures from her class, she has grown soooo much!  Since she's been at that dance school, she's had 2 or 3 dance teachers and many dance "friends".  After the recital the girls she started with left.  She's danced with the same 2 girls since they were 2.  They were sooo cute together.  The dance school open new classes just for them!  They were just that good and all the "newbies" couldn't keep up with them.  :O)

Once she moved to her new class she blossomed even more!
We decided to keep her at the dance school until she no longer wants to dance (which seems to be no time soon).

Christiana is now 4 and she is the only one left from her first dance class and all of her dance teachers love her!  They have only wonderful things to say about her (who could blame them? she is awesome) and love having her in their class.

Saturday, January 10, 2015

2014 year in review

January 2014
December 2014

2014 came and went in a FLASH! I had to look back through my pictures to see how great the year has been. Of course there were a few bumps in the road, but what year hasn't been that way? Those bumps in the road only make us stronger in the long run and help us to be more mindful of where we step.

1.  One of the great moments of 2014 was that we spent the entire year in OUR OWN home!

      In 2011 we went through all the paperwork for purchasing a new home and it fell through.  We were super bummed about it, but once we realized that God had a bigger plan for us we were fine (for a moment).  Space was super tight in our apartment so we thought about renting a bigger apartment so we could have more space so Christiana could have more room to be a kid (we didn't put all our faith in God).  When that process didn't come through (that should have been another sign), we even thought about putting our stuff in storage and downsize so would save money.  That's when we had to sit down and really pray and ask what wasn't working and finally we realized that we had to REALLY trust in God (not just say it).  Soooo we were patient and moved into our home in October 2013.  Oh the joy!

 Finding our home also taught us a lesson about praying big and not limiting Gods ability to grant us the desires of our heart.  We were very specific of what we wanted and where we wanted based on what we felt we could afford instead of what He can grant us with.  We got what and where we asked for. 

So we went into 2014 (and will go into 2015 doing the same thing) understanding that we have to pray big and not be ashamed of what we ask for. 

2.  Another great moment from this year is that as a family we pray more together.  Rickey and I pray try to make sure that we pray with each other before we go off to work.  He created a prayer for Christiana to say each morning, so that she gets in the habit of praying every morning.  Well if she wakes up when I go to work she wants to pray with us.  I think that is great!  She also blesses the food when we have dinner.  When Christiana and I say our night prayers together, I try to make sure that she thanks Jesus (for family, protecting and loving us, and for the simple things in life).  She does pretty good; we just have to be consistent. 


     For 2015 I would like for us to make time to read the Word together, as a couple and family.  I would like for us to not only read it, but to talk about it.  I want Christiana to grow up knowing and loving the Lord.

3.  Another great thing about 2014 is that Christiana is continuing to blossom into a wonderful and sweet little girl.  Whenever I get my weekly babycenter.com updates she's right on track if not beyond.  Sometimes when I get them, I chuckle because we have gone through what they are talking about.  She loves to sing, dance, smile,creates designer play doh dresses, laughs, heck she even cracks her own jokes, reads, does math, and even makes up her own prayers.  Such a dynamite little sweetie peetie right?! I couldn't ask for a more perfect daughter.  Motherhood isn't by any means easy, but it is a great journey that I enjoy taking and can't wait to spend another year raising this awesome daughter of mine!

Christmas 2013
Christmas 2014

4.  This past year, Christiana got to hang out with her big sister for a week.  Amanah doesn't come out often, but when she does we make sure to squeeze in some quality family time.  Christiana LOVED having her here!  So hopefully this year she'll come and visit her Cali family. :O)

There is surely a future hope for you, and your hope will not be cut off. - Proverbs 23:18

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Fantastic First: The Disney Store (written on 9/24/13)

This is a really old post!

I usually stay away from the Disney store because I feel that it is waaaay over priced, but Daddy Teems and I decided to go with Christiana to pick up a few Doc McStuffins toys.  Weeeell the reaction from Christiana totally caught me off guard!  She was totally amazed by the Princess castle dressing room; I mean what little girl wouldn't, but we didn't expect a reaction like this!  It was the cutest thing! 

All she kept saying how pretty it was.  Her words exact were, "Wow, this is so pretty.  This is so pretty.  Oh wow, this is so pretty. Hey, this is so pretty."  This was all while she was walking around the castle dressing room rubbing the walls.

She loved it sooo much she didn't even want to walk around and see the rest of the store.  We had to tell her we would come back after we buy her Doc McStuffins toy.  BUT once we stood in line to check out she started walking away so she could go back to the castle.  Of course on the way to the dressing room, she spotted the princess dresses and asked if she could have one (what little girl wouldn't want a princess dress?), I told her to ask daddy.  :OP  Speaking of asking daddy, that was the only way to get her out of the store because he was waiting for us outside.

 Like I said it was one of the cutest thing.

  I wish I was able to upload the video but it won't let me. Boooo to blogger! :O(


Sunday, September 14, 2014

It's been a looong time


It’s been waaaay to long since my last post about Chrisitiana, I think my last post was in January.  Soooo much has gone on and she is just growing before my eyes. :O(  All I can do is just hug , kiss and tell her I love her as much as I can (which never seems to be enough).  This one was written in MAY!  I HAVE to do better!

Anyhoo I had to share these to funny little words and moments:

·         Daddy Teems bought me an American flag bikini and I decided to try it on.  Well my sweet little Christiana comes in and says, “I love your nene holder mommy”.   Then I go sit down on the bed and she comes sits next to me and says it again but this she touches the top and says, “Ooooh they so starry mommy.” And then she started singing “Twinkle, twinkle little star”

·         This may be tooo much information, but Christiana will want to know about funny stories like this one and I want have to document them so I won’t forget them.  So I get ingrown hairs and after a shower I tweeze the hairs out of bump because they are super annoying.  A few times Christiana watches me in the bathroom while I do this; well this time she was REALLY watching me and asking questions.  Of course she asked, “What are you doing mommy?  I tell her, just picking my pimples baby”  She’s fine with that answer for a moment or so, then she touches my hair and wonders what it is.  Of course I say explain what it is and let her know she’ll have some when she’s older.  She’s fine with that answer for a moment, but now I want her to go play so I can finish picking. 

So I tell her to go play and she says “No. I don’t want to play, I want to stay in here with you.”  Since we were going to see Rio 2 later that night I ask her to go get her Rio 2 shirt.  Usually when I tell her to get something out of her bedroom she gets sidetracked and stays for a while, NOT THIS TIME!  She runs back and gets back to watching what I’m doing.  By this time I’m thinking forget it and finish up and tell her to get her Blue (the bird from the movie) so we can get dressed.  This time she does get sidetracked by finding one of her tweezers from her toy doctors kit.  Weeeell I walk in on her “tweezing” herself!  I had to hold in my laugh and tell her that she doesn't have any hair down there.  She complies.  Cool.

I finally start getting dressed but it was toooo quiet for my liking so I wonder why is Christiana so quiet.  Weeeeell I walk into my bedroom and find her on the bed with her pants down tweeting herself AGAIN!  This time she asks me if I could leave the room so she can finish.  REALLY Christiana!  Did she really ask me to leave my room so she can finish plucking hairs that she doesn't even have!  I tell her that what she is doing is for mommies and when she gets hairs she can do that.  I guess that was enough for her because she put them away and got dressed.  Cool with me.

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Mother's Day 2014: a letter to my Christiana

My dearest Christiana,

You may not know this, but over three years ago you changed our lives forever.  I always knew I wanted to be a mother, but I never imagined what being a mother would do to me.  I am a better person because of you.  I didn't know I could love so much.  Christiana Faith you are constantly teaching me something about life that no book could ever explain.

You came at the perfect time in our lives.  I loved and cherished everyday you were inside of me. In loved you before I saw your face, held your hand, or smelled your soft skin.  You made me feel beautiful while being pregnant with you.  Being pregnant with you was the easiest thing!  No morning sickness, swollen feet, super weight gain; like I said it was super easy!  Of course I wondered if you were going to be this easy once you entered this world, and you were.  You were truly  our gift from God.

And for the past 3 years, I love watching you grow.  From watching you sleep, the songs you create on a daily basis, to you creating play dough dresses and hats, and yes even your tantrums.  I have watched you grow into a loving, caring, sweet, assertive, determined sweet little girl in your short lifespan and I am looking forward to many more.  Like I said you have made me a better person.  I find myself listening more carefully, enjoying the simple things in life, stopping what I am doing to play with you when you ask, more patient, and most importantly love more deeply.

Christiana, I've heard people say, "When a baby is born, a mother is born."  We'll when you you were born, I was born into a mother.  No one can ever take away how much I truly love you.

Love always and forever,


Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Christiana loves her some Dora the Explorer

Christiana watches Dora the Explorer literally everyday, so it was no surprise what she said to us when she overheard a few people talking.  One day while we were at Target a family was walking behind us speaking Spanish, at first she points to them and says they are her friends.  Of course I tell her to stop pointing and tell her you don't know them. Then she says, "They are peaking panish."  We say, "yes they are speaking Spanish baby." (Trying to hold in our laughs). Well our responses must not been enough for her because she says it again.  "They are peaking panish, panish like Dora mommy."  Hahahaha!  By this time the people are right next to us. Hahahaha!  The second time this happened we were at the mall.  Same thing.  She says, "she's like Dora mommy, she's peaking panish."  Gotta love her right! I'm glad she's recognizing a second language, now it's time for us to really push it (learning it).
 Here's couple of phrases she's picked up from her girl Dora.  Every morning she greets me with a "buenas Dias" and every night she tells us "buenos noches".  Oh and she says it with a sweet kiss afterwards.  Toooo sweet right!  Such a sweetie pie!